Why a Social Network and Community?

A more formal business social network and community provides a sense of belonging, but also has the benefits of a support network, new perspectives and new approaches, accountability, collaboration and both personal and professional growth.

Communities and network groups, whether they are built around a geography, some social aspect, or a professional one, all have similar benefits for both their members and the larger ecosystem in which they operate.

The cannabis industry is a perfect space for community as it follows a more complicated and stringent set of rules than most other industries. This circumstance offers a common goal to rally around and can bring people together and together, we humans are known to be more willing to collaborate, more effective in numbers and more innovative in our thoughts than going it alone.

Why join a Business Social Network and Community?

Find your tribe

Find like-minded individuals within industry to help you reach your goals, and help you grow both personally and professionally.

Collaborate with peers

Take part in mastermind groups to help you work your way through problems, bounce ideas around, and innovate on your business or career trajectory.

Learn from experts

Connect with experts in the cannabis industry who will share the secrets of success with you.

Grow your network

Get to know other cannabis business owners who will help you grow personally and business wise.

Promote your business

List your company, products and services in cannabis directories to help with promotion.

Find partners

Find professionals who are looking for your company’s product and services and are read to do business with you

Cannabis Business Social Networks Can Help you Grow Your Business or Career

The internet has opened up the world of business interactions. Even the smallest cannabis companies are going global and scaling quickly without massive investments, simply because of social networking.

As a business owner, social networking would help you grow fast due to its distinctive quality of making relationships more personal. Any business – especially one that is as sensitive as a cannabis business- always thrives when the business itself is actively building a strong rapport with its clients prospects. In 2020, cannabis businesses are doing better due to more and better interactions, as well as open dialogue with their clients and prospects, and businesses and investors. Social networks are facilitating this, while helping businesses humanize their brands to stay relevant for a long time.

Moreover, cannabis business professionals are taking advantage of the advanced targeting and remarketing options in social networking platforms to connect with their interested audiences better, while getting valuable insights about their audience and their niche in general.

Through these networks therefore, cannabis business professionals connect with other like-minded professionals, share their passions and dreams and learn from each other. As a professional in the cannabis industry, you also get a change to boost your brand recognition as you showcase exactly how your business is unique, and why you’d be the best candidate for any support to grow your business.

Cannabis Social Networks for Individuals

Cannabis Social Networks

There are quite a number of cannabis social networks that you can utilize to connect with like-minded individuals on a personal basis online. The top ones include the following:

Grasscity Forum

This network started off as a marijuana growing forum where people would link and chat about essential cannabis processes such as its cultivation. Today, it is one of the biggest cannabis forums online. This is also a place where you can expect to find many different forums on which you can discuss with other cannabis lovers about anything related to cannabis – from smoking and growing to legalization and uses. The platform actually recently added a section to update its users with the latest news, as well as a special directory of good dispensaries within the US.


Duby has established itself as the biggest online cannabis community dedicated to smokers and lovers of marijuana. The cannabis social network is primarily meant to connect anonymous users to protect their identity from individuals and institutions that don’t support cannabis. Many people consider this network the ideal place to make connections and friends with fellow users, no wonder it has hundreds of thousands of active users. Duby is available on Apple Store and Google Play for iOS and Android users, although you can still access it through its website.

High There!

Some of the best personal social networks in the cannabis world are the dating social networks, and one of the ones that have been growing in popularity over the recent months is High There! This social network essentially connects people based on their weed strain or, in some cases, preferred device. If you’re interested in another marijuana user on the platform, an image of you is posted on the network, and other users get to match with your profile or not, and you do the same.

MJ Mary Jane

Some of us love taking and creating cannabis pictures, and sharing them with other cannabis lovers online. Other people love spending their afternoons going through inspiring marijuana images and even having their pot questions answered graphically. If you also love marijuana or marijuana-related images, then MJ Mary Jane is the social network for you. They don’t call it the Pinterest of cannabis users for no reason. This is where you can spend your days posting or viewing amazing marijuana pictures, including marijuana smokers, growers and marijuana-infused food. The network also allows you to rate and bookmark all your favorite pieces, and follow your favorite people on the network.

420 singles

If you’re looking for a personal cannabis network for more “personal” reasons, then this one could very well be the right destination for you. As the name suggests, this is one of the few pure social networking platforms for cannabis users that look and work like Tinder. It pretty much works the same way as your regular dating site, allowing you to swipe left or right to get or avoid matches. The network has set an amazing standard for social applications dedicated to marijuana users.

Cannabis Social Networks for Business Owners

Many business owners have been joining the dedicated cannabis business social networks to promote their products and services. Some of the best networks for cannabis business owners include:

Cannabis Social Network


This network is more like Google and LinkedIn put together, only fully cannabis themed. WeedCircles is a platform where cannabis business owners and marijuana users sign up and connect. Being a professional social network, this is one of those places you can expect to find the latest and best quality cannabis products, and even land awesome deals, especially if you are a cannabis business owner. So if you have a budding cannabis group or personal business and have been looking for a place to promote and boost its following, then this is the ideal social network for you.


Many savvy marijuana social network users consider MJLink one of the best specialized platforms and directories. It strongly resembles LinkedIn, and is specially designed to facilitate professionals and entrepreneurs in the cannabis world. From lawyers and growers to manufacturers and traders, you can expect to connect with anyone you need to grow your cannabis-related business. MJLink partnered with WeedLife, another popular social network, a move that has since made the two businesses attract more than 2.5 million users each month. It also serves as a safe haven for marijuana business owners who have been denied registration at Google or Facebook.


I know WeedLife often looks like a personal social network on the surface, but it’s not.

It is a relatively new cannabis business social network that is dedicated to cannabis entrepreneurs, and it is recording a good number of people business owners joining daily. The network features a unique social media platform that provides educational information, marijuana videos, business information, growing information, products, and so much more. Even though this network still has a lot to do to become a leading cannabis network, it is still serves its purpose of being a reliable social media platform for any passionate marijuana entrepreneur and user. Although the platform offers social media networking for consumers, many businesses are showing up in large numbers, dominating the space, to take advantage of the large number of consumers.


This is one of those platforms where you can be guaranteed of finding all manner of details related to the whole cannabis industry, including strategies to get more customers and grow your business, and the latest cannabis news. Leafwire also attracts cannabis business owners because it offers one of the best means of finding investors. Aspiring cannabis workers and potential employers are also offered an amazing opportunity to find each other through LeafWire’s well-facilitated job boards and communication channels. This social network is undoubtedly the best place to look for anyone making their first steps in the cannabis business.


With a total of over 400, 000 visitors using the platform each month, CannaSOS is definitely one of the biggest cannabis business social networks. This is where you can go if you want to find information concerning the most recent strains, and other information concerning issues like finding the best and closest dispensaries. You can also get assistance in other matters- such as asking for advice on the sale or cultivation of cannabis from the professionals. As a business owner, you are also offered the chance to join many groups and discuss all the niche topics you’ve always wanted to learn more in, while still connecting with your customers on the platform.

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